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Postcard A5 Hiekkasärkät, black

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Product description

A5-Sized Card with Hiekkasärkät Map

Discover the stunning A5-sized card featuring the Hiekkasärkät map on a stylish black background with white outlines. This beautiful card is printed in Finland.

Product Details:

  • A5 size: The card’s size is perfect for mailing as a postcard or framing on your wall.
  • Printed in Finland.
  • Hiekkasärkät map: The card showcases a detailed map of Hiekkasärkät from 2024, standing out elegantly against the black background with white outlines.
  • Versatile: The card is ideal for sending as a greeting, giving as a gift, or using as a decorative element.

Usage Options:

  • As a gift: This card makes a great gift for a friend or family member who appreciates Finnish design and nature.
  • For decoration: Frame the card to create a stylish piece of art for your home or office.
  • As a greeting: Send the card as a special greeting to brighten someone's day with beautiful Finnish map artwork.

Order the A5-sized Hiekkasärkät map card from our online store and bring a piece of beautiful Finnish scenery into your home or delight a friend!

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