Privacy and registery policy

Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito data protection policy  

According to the Data Protection Regulation the data holder has an obligation to inform the data subjects (customers) about privacy and registery policy. This policy conforms to the information requirement.


1. Register holder

Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito

Contact details: Matkailutie 312, 85100 Kalajoki, Finland


Contact information of data holder:

Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito / Satu Somero

+358 44 5678 463


Contact information of data protection supervisior in case of incedent:

Satu Somero

Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito / Satu Somero

+358 44 5678 463


2. Registery Data

The collection of personal data

Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito collects personal data of:

- Customers, web shop customers, members of loyalty program and corporate customers who has purchased products from the store or purchasing.

- Potential clients who have ordered newsletter and promotion emails.

- Individual customers who have been billed and to whom products have been delivered.

- Employees of Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito.


3. Personal Data application

3.1. Basics of keeping the registration data

- Personal information processing is based on customer relationship (order, purchase).

- Personal data processing is based on consent (potential customers’ collected details on the fairs)

- Employment relationship


3.2 The processing of personal data and registrational application

Personal data is processed only for the following purposes:

- Maintaining customer relationships

- Informing about our services and campaigns

- Salary payments


4. Registered personal data

The customer registeration contains the following information:

- customer name

- address

- e-mail

- telephone number

- delivery address in case of customer relationships


Customer data:

- Details of purchased products

- Details of salary and tax payments in case of employment relationships


5. Registered customers rights

Registered customer has the following rights below and request about customer’s processing data has to be sent via e-mail to or via post to Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito, Matkailutie 312, 85100 Kalajoki, Finland.



-Right to access the data

The customer has right to access to all the data that was provided to the company by the customer himself/herself


-Right to rectify the data

The customer has a right to correct own data in case of incorrect or incomplete data by sending a request to


- Right to restrict the processing of data

The customer has a right to request restriction to process the customer’s data


- Right to withdraw marketing

The data subject has the right to deny in access to the customer’s data for direct marketing.


- Right require the erasure of the data

The customer has a right to request personal data to be erased. In this case the company processes the request and informs the customer if data to be erased or provides the reason why it cannot be erased.

(Please note: Business has a responsibility by law to keep accounting details saved for 10 years, thus those details are not possible to remove during that period).


- Right to withdraw the consent

If the processing of the customer’s data is based on consent and not on membership, the customer may withdraw the consent.


- The customer may appeal the decision to the Data Protection Office

The customer has the right to demand that the company limits the processing of the controversial data until the matter is resolved.


- Right to appeal

The customer has the right to file a complaint to the Data Protection Office in case if the customer experiences that the company breaks the data usage within dealing with the current data protection legislation.

Office of the data protection Ombudsman


6. Regular data sources

Customer data is provided on a regular basis:

- From the customer himself/herself since the customer relationships have begun

- From the customer himself/herself by filling an online form or a form at the store


7. The regular data disposition

The customer discloses personal data to Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito (the company) to maintain customer relationship. The company is committed to follow and meet the requirements of the data protection regulation.

The company ensures that all of our service providers comply with the privacy legislation. The company regularly uses the following service providers:

- My Cashflow Oy

- Posti

- Accounting service company


8. Processing duration

- Personal data is to be kept as long as the customer relationships are valid or the accounting regulations require.

- From our marketing list a registered client can leave by sending a request as a response message to our marketing e-mail or newsletter.


9. Who handles personal data

Personal data is handled by Pisa Design and Pisa Design Lifestyleshop Aito Oy's employees, the company’s accounting service and IT-support as well.

The data holder (the company) and the company’s staff handle personal data. The company can also outsource the processing of personal data to a third party, thereby the company guarantees the contractual arrangements that personal data will be processed in accordance with current data protection legislation and otherwise properly.


10. Transferring data outside the EU

Personal data will not be transferred outside the EU or the European Economic Area.


11. Automated decision making and profiling

The company does not use data for automated decision making or profiling.

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