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It was the year 2012 when a mother-of-two & fashion designer Anna Kurkela decided to prove that with your own decisions and example, one can change the world. To join this journey with her Anna found Hanna-Riikka Heikkilä, an artist with whom began a beautiful friendship as well as collaboration. That’s how Papu was born and soon it took its first steps and has now become an international brand that employs already 17 professionals.

The first collection “Papu ja Nappisade” was sold out quickly after the launch, and some of the products have become recognizable Papu Classics. You may have run into our loved products Kanto Dress, Patch Leggings or Baggy trousers – just to name a few of our valued classics and not to even mention many of our memorable prints!
The aim of the brand is to please both kids and adults by making playful yet stylish clothing for adults too. Due to the company’s growth, the collections are completed also with new product types – accessories, lifestyle products as well as interior products.

Papu ponders and giggles. Each Papu collection tells a story through colours, shapes and little details. The high-quality products of the collections combine timeless design by Anna and playful prints of Hanna-Riikka.  Papu’s aesthetics and values stand for playful unisex prints, timeless design and conscious choices. Papu has a unique and identifiable handprint that paints the inspiring stories about nature, cities and everything beautiful around us. The wild yet harmonious color palettes in each collection ensure that you can find interesting ways to combine different colors and styles or mix the garments together from collection to another!

During the past years, Papu has grown quickly to a company that has over 30 retailers in Finland and over 70 abroad! With the happy and motivated team, reliable partners and amazing customers Papu will continue to spread its message around the world. We invite you to join the adventure! 

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