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Mayn Story

Mayn is a collection of practical home accessories with Nordic roots bringing you happiness and joy in your simple everyday moments.

The story began with the idea to make everyday home duties more enjoyable. This resulted in designing the Musta5101 dishwashing set, complete with a dishwashing liquid, dishwashing brush, kitchen surface cleaning spray, and dishcloth – all black in color and designed so that you don’t have to hide them in a cupboard, but you’ll want to display them by the sink. ‘Musta’ is ‘black’ in Finnish.

After the dishwashing set, we wanted to take our philosophy further to other home accessories. The new brand was named Mayn; it was conceived in May 2014, and it depicts the awakening of the Northern nature in May after the long wintertime. Mayn represents the way of showing rather than hiding away the signs of living. We hope you will find your best moments in everyday living!

Values behind our products and work

Mayn is a range of practical products with timeless design. We are committed to bringing people multifunctional products that have several purposes and can be used in different situations in everyday life. Not based on seasonal changes, our collection is always current, and evolves as our inspiration drives us forward. We constantly strive to make products that are good for the people and the environment.

We design and create products and concepts for moments with certain elements. These elements include functionality, design, spirit of the brand and the moment, story behind the product or brand, sustainability, trends, and the world we are living in.

Today, Musta5101 and Mayn products are sold in more than a hundred stores.

 The founding team and our inspiration

We draw inspiration from the urban Nordic lifestyle, where nature is always present in the city. Our philosophy of life, focusing strongly on being in the moment in our practical everyday lives, is clearly visible in our collection.


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