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Pisa Design and Satu Somero:

"There is a wisdom hidden beneath traditional crafting methods. I wanted to combine that wisdom with the demands of a modern life. In 2003, I founded my company, Pisa Design, which manufactures home textiles from high-quality linen and recycled materials.

Pisa Design speaks a modern design language, but respect for traditions is evident in the styling, design and materials of the collection. Particular attention is given to details and practically. I design all products myself, and they are manufactured in Finland and in the Baltic countries, in a sustainable way, using high-quality and safe materials.

People often ask me what Pisa means in the company name. It is my nickname.

I believe that unique products will come up with the most amazing combinations.

Functionality is important to me, because I want to make products that has a meaning and you can use every day in normal life.

For Pisa Design, ecological actions mean recycling and recycling materials. We try to minimum the waste in production. We use only high-quality, durable materials."

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